The Store For You-Bergdorf Goodman

Shopping is by far my favorite hobby, I mean really who doesn’t love shopping?! If you haven’t gone to Bergdorf Goodman in NYC you must go! Walking through the doors is like walking into shopping heaven :)

Once you walk through the doors you notice a big Chanel sign that has their handbags, sunglasses, accessories, etc. The Chanel business is one of the top performing departments in the store. This is odd because the Chanel corporate store is only a fourth of a block away! I think that Bergdorf Goodman has an advantage over the Chanel store and that is why they have better business.

Bergdorf is known for being the BEST department store, everyone wants to have their clothes in it and everyone wants to buy clothes from it. It is so well known and has been around for so long that it attracts tourists, localists, and shoppers that have been shopping at their store for years. This allows them to have better sales. Also the sales associates and personal shoppers are an advantage that they offer. They are good at persuading customers to purchase items such as Chanel items, and very wealthy customers who are usuals appreciate that. They want to continue to buy from Bergdorf Goodman because that is where their heart is for shopping, and they trust the store. It is like going to your favorite grocery store. You go there all of the time because you love it, have always gone and trust the store. 

This just shows that people will stay loyal to their favorite stores, and Bergdorf Goodman is the heart of so many New Yorkers. Check back soon for my next NYC adventure.


Material Connexion

Material Connexion is such a cool place to go! We got an overview tour and then we got to explore all of the different materials in the library. It is also awesome that through Kent State we have access to the library at all times while we are in NYC. One of my favorite materials was the Salmon Leather. I never knew that this even existed!! It was awesome. It was thicker than what I expected and had a distressed look. Would definitely love a wallet with this look! It inspired me because it just made me realize that so many different materials exist in the world that I am not aware of and how they can be used for so many different occasions! 

I also loved the yellow squishy material that is right when you walk in (honestly don’t remember the name of it, sorry!). It was so fun to play with-  by far my most favorite material. It inspired me because it was so squishy and fun to play with. It would be awesome to be used for a tube to float in a pool with. It would honestly be the most relaxing material to lay on, whether you are outdoors on indoors!! Loved it! 

I also was really inspired by all of the recycled laminated glass materials. They inspired me to want to start designing my house I will live in in the future. It made me want to have them in my bathroom, have a water fountain using the material in the background or have glass floor! 

It was really fun to look at the materials and try to come up with ways you would want to use them in your life. It definitely was a great experience!

Check back soon for my next NYC adventure.



During our study tour class we got to go visit Custom Fabric Flowers. This was really neat because this business has been passed down through a family and is the only custom fabric flower shop that is still around in the city. Other people resort to fabric flowers that are manufactured in China. I didn’t really know what to expect when we first went to this visit, but it was awesome to see all of the different flowers.

The owner took us through the different processes of how they make the flowers and how they use different presses to make different kinds. If you twist it this way or that, etc you can make totally different creations. They can literally make any kind of flower your mind can imagine! It is the perfect place to get flowers for a wedding especially if you want to put fabric flowers on your gown. Loved it! It was also really nice that we all got a hair clip flower as gift from them to us. 

This was such a fun visit to see what goes into making all of these flowers. They had boxes on boxes of literally every kind of flower you could think of and in any color. Whether you wanted a cotton, silk or leather custom flower they had it for you! I could tell how much passion this family puts into their business and how much they cherish it and want to keep it running. 

Check back soon for my next NYC adventure!!


Welcome to the Dover Street Market

The Dover Street Market; what an interesting store to say the least. Roaming the streets you would never know what was behind the doors of this unnamed building. These seven floors of different designer clothing makes you almost feel like you are in a clothing store version of Alice in wonderland.

            The layout has no “division” between menswear and womenswear. It is to encourage shoppers to buy and wear whatever they like.  This is a good representation of today’s society. You are more likely to see women is oversized tees, tuxedos, etc. –hence this store resembles that you can wear whatever you like these days, and that is how it should be. You also will find throughout the store VERY expensive designer clothing and then reasonable not expensive clothing. This also represents our society/economy. People are willing to purchase more expensive clothing while other people are not willing to purchase that expensive of clothing.  It is also interesting that every time one of the locations of the stores becomes very popular the market will close down and relocate to open a new store. This is a great representation of our lifestyles and our mental state. Once we think something is super popular and the best it can be, society finds a way to update everything and make it better ALL of the time. It is always finding a new beginning. I think this store is non traditional especially in that way.

            This is definitely a store everyone should check out! Don’t miss my next NYC adventure!! 


Elvia Gobbo-Her Photos Make You Feel Alive

“(W)ith her keen eye she captures the moment when fashion & the person become alive.” -

This quote is the perfect description of Elvia Gobbo and the style she creates when capturing photos. Elvia has taken up photography for the past four years, before she started her photography career Elvia was a fashion designer. Because Elvia had her own fashion label, she has a perfect eye for when she takes fashion photos. This is very obvious in her beautiful photos she takes.

When we looked at photos during class I noticed that Elvia really liked photos that were blurry, and photos that showed the model in motion. This portrayed a style that showed that her pictures were alive-not a staged or typical runway shot. She had pictures that were blurry but were still fashionable and beautiful. She also showed us pictures of models, and you could see the movement of the clothing in the shot, it showed that it was a “real” photo yet beautifully taken.

Since Elvia has a design background I think she can appreciate the clothes more and knows how to take their pictures. Like she said in our class, she isn’t like the other photographers who just snap a bunch of photos and hope they get something. She knows what she is photographing, and wants to have the piece of clothing be appreciated in the photo.

Maybe next time you are at a fashion show you will spot the famous Elvia working her magic-snapping photos that make you feel alive!

Check back soon for my next adventure!



Who is Charles James?

When I first heard of the Charles James Exhibit, I first thought who exactly is Charles James? I soon discovered his fabulous designs, and fell in love with all of them.

One of his quotes at the exhibit states, “My designs are not luxuries. They represent fashion research.” I found this quote very interesting since this exhibit attracts many students who go for educational purposes to learn about Charles James as a designer-exactly what I did when I attended the exhibit. Although it may seem that his designs are outdated, these beautiful designs are resembled in the present fashion world.

You might be thinking how are these designs represented in the fashion world?! First off, Charles James opened his own millinery shop called Boucheron. The hats he designed resemble hats that women wear today in fashion. For example these hats found on may be seen at the beach or at a horse race. Not all of Charles James designs could be worn for a professional fashionista today. 

 I loved this remade photo of “Charles James Then and Now” from This shows that even though these styles are from the past they are recreated in today’s fashion world. These defined gowns may not be seen in everyday professional wear (you might look silly if you wore a dress similar to a Charles James design during the day), but they will always be found on a red carpet or for an extravagant event. They are the perfect wear for special events-they never go out of style!

This just goes to show that some styles will never go out of style. And if they do they always come back, hence the beauty of the fashion cycle. Check back soon for my next adventure around the city!